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How do I trade skins?

  1. Log in on the website
  2. Select the items you want to trade from your inventory on the left by clicking on them to add them to your offer.
    You also need to select items from our inventory on the right.
    The item prices are shown on the items and the value of your offer needs to be at least the value of the items you chose from our inventory.
    If you have balance on your account, it will automatically be used for the trade if you choose more value from us than your own inventory.
  3. After selecting the items you want to trade, click the TRADE button. A Steam tradeoffer will be sent to you. The offer will ask for all of your items and if possible, all of of our items will be added to the same offer. Sometimes the items you selected are on different Steam bots and they will be sent after you accept the first tradeoffer, because they can't all be included in the same tradeoffer.

Why is the Steam tradeoffer missing items from the bot?

There can be several reasons for this:
  1. The items you selected to trade are stored on different Steam bot accounts and Steam tradeoffers can only include items from a single account. When this happens, your trade will be sent to a bot with some of the items you chose and the rest of the items will be sent to you after the tradeoffer is accepted.
  2. An item you want to trade from us is still tradelocked on Steam. It means the item is not yet tradable on Steam and it is shown on the item when it becomes tradable. In this case the tradelocked items will be moved to your on-site inventory and you will be able to withdraw them to Steam when they become tradable.
  3. The bot you are trading with doesn't have enough space for all your items. In this case the items will be sent to a different bot that has enough space and the selected items will be sent to you after you accept the tradeoffer.

What is on-site inventory?

At TradeSkinsFast your account has its own inventory called on-site inventory for storing Steam items. These are items that you own but they are not on your Steam account. You can trade items from your on-site inventory at TradeSkinsFast the same way as you would trade Steam items.
Your on-site inventory items are shown in your item list before your Steam items and you can identify them from the icon.

How do I withdraw items from my on-site inventory?

To withdraw items you need to add them to your offer and then click the Steam Withdraw button. After this the selected items will be sent to you on Steam. If you don't accept the trades, they will still remain in your on-site inventory.

How do I trade tradelocked items? What are tradelocked items?

Tradelocked items are Steam items that are not yet tradable on Steam.
You can trade tradelocked items from the bot the same way as you would trade any other skins. The items will be stored in your on-site inventory after the trade and you will be able to withdraw them after they become tradable on Steam.

What do the and icons mean in a trade?

Items marked with will be traded to your on-site inventory instead of Steam. Check Why is the Steam tradeoffer missing items from the bot? why the items aren't in the Steam tradeoffer.
Items marked with will be included in the Steam tradeoffer.

Why is my skin unstable?

Item prices fluctuate and sometimes we are not able to accurately determine the price of an item. When this happens the item price is marked as unstable and it will not be tradable.

Why is my item overstock?

To prevent our bots from receiving too many of a single item type, we have set limits on how many items of that type we can take in. The limits are determined by multiple factors.

How do I add balance to a trade?

If your account has balance, it will be automatically used on a trade you make if you offer less skins than you select from the bot.

How do I add balance to my account?

Currently it is only possible to add balance by trading in skins or by offering more value than the bot in a trade.

Does balance expire?

Your balance will never expire and you can keep it on your account without worry.

Error: Your Steam profile is untradable for an unknown reason

We give you this error when Steam prevents us from sending you a trade offer and we can't check the reason why your profile is untradable. You can find the reason yourself by trying to send a trade offer to someone, for example here

Still have questions?

The best way to reach us is via the website chat or our Steam group chat.

You can also DM us on Twitter or email us at [email protected]

Get 1% Extra For Your Items
Status: You are not logged in
Step 1:
Add to your Steam nickname Here

+1% value to all your items when trading
  • Before
  • $40+
  • 95%|100%
  • $20 - $40
  • 94%|100%
  • $2 - $20
  • 93.5%|100%
  • $0.5 - $2
  • 91%|98%
  • $0.07 - $0.5
  • 85%|92%
  • $0 - $0.07
  • 0%|100%
  • arcanas
  • 97%|103%
  • After
  • $40+
  • 96%|100%
  • $20 - $40
  • 95%|100%
  • $2 - $20
  • 94.5%|100%
  • $0.5 - $2
  • 92%|98%
  • $0.07 - $0.5
  • 86%|92%
  • $0 - $0.07
  • 0%|100%
  • arcanas
  • 98%|103%
Price Calculation
All our pricing and sale volume data is gathered from multiple sources and analyzed by us to get accurate and up to date pricing. We go to great lengths to prevent any kind of price manipulation. Having accurate pricing is very important to us as we pay instant real money for skins. Trading values are higher than Bitcoin sell values to more closely resemble Steam Market values.
Example when trading

You trade us a knife valued at $200 on our website and at that time we pay 92% of the price:
Price of the item
Rate we offer when buying
Value of your item
The same knife will now have a new value on our bots (calculated using 93% price modifier):
Price of the item
Rate we offer when selling
Value of bot's item
Example when selling for Bitcoin

You sell us a knife valued at $200 and at that time we pay 92% of the price:
Price of the item
Rate we offer
Dynamic modifier that depends on how common the item is. More common means better price
Amount you will get